Conclave, Classes and More!

Hello guys,

I know I didnt post anything for a while. Reason being- My Indolence, viral sickness, and busy with classes/events/guest lectures.

We had our Annual FMS conclave this weekend[3rd and 4th of September], and the venue was ITC Sheraton Hotel at Saket. Distinguished guests, mostly experienced professionals from the corporate were invited to deliver lectures and presentations.

I attended the event on Sunday, and mostly enjoyed it. Especially the consulting and the HR sessions. We even had a couple from Netherlands to give us some insights about the HR practices being followed across the world, and something about Phillips. I interacted with them later on, and the guy even knew about West Bengal, when I told him about my background. I was impressed by their knowledge.

I shall upload some pictures or give you the link of the facebook albums[to flaunt the business suits and sarees].

Classes are going on as usual. Some are boring, some are hectic and some force even the best of students to enter Slumber States. However, am still surviving somehow, thanks to OB and HR mainly.

Our Summer interviews will be held in 3rd week of October, and everyone here is busy preparing for the same[apart from me perhaps :P ]. In fact, I am quite sure that I am probably the least serious person here, when it comes to placements. But then again, my way of thinking is different from everyone else.

Currently, am sitting in the ITM class. Lots of things to be done, which includes HR and OB assignments, Business Communication presentation, etc. And I have nearly completed the book-'Snapshots from Hell'.

P.S.- Chetan Bhagat's new novel shall release in October this year. Its titled Revolution 2020.

P.P.S.- Neha and Mayank- What are you two doing? x-(