Campus Allocation

Am back already with an update. I have been allocated Section B, which is the South Campus[SC] section.

However, our batch shall be doing classes in North Campus for 2 days in a week. The other two batches shall be having classes at NC. I agree this sort of arrangment seems a bit weird and unexpected, and I was initially a bit sceptical, but I am sure I can work this out, along with my batchmates. :)

Classes officially start from Monday, ie 4th July, but we have our registration, etc on Friday, ie 1st July. Am excited to start. :)

As for accommodation, I shall be going to SC tonight to search for a flat/PG. Shall meet two legends from Pagalguy- the Doc Mod Shashank Prabhu and the_BMR Ranjeet Pratap Singh. :)

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more updates later.


This blog has been made for the sole purpose of describing my MBA life at FMS Delhi, for the session 2011-2013. Correction - it will not be just my life, but the life of my friends and the people I meet here. I shall be writing from a first person perspective and be rest assurred everything I post here will be completely facual, though the thoughts and judgments may be just my own. I admit I am no great writer, neither am I very consistent at writing, but I will try to give my best here. I am also aware of the fact that life at FMS will be tough and rigorous and that I may not be able to post on a regular basis. Nevertheless, whatever the situation arisis, I will keep posting updates from my side.

Note- This blog is NOT about how to get into FMS[reminds you of Chetan Bhagat from FPS?]. Neither shall I be giving any tips about cracking the FMS entrance test. However feel free to contact me for any valid reason and I shall try to reply back.

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P.S.- I hope you are reading this, Neha Kapoor :P