This blog has been made for the sole purpose of describing my MBA life at FMS Delhi, for the session 2011-2013. Correction - it will not be just my life, but the life of my friends and the people I meet here. I shall be writing from a first person perspective and be rest assurred everything I post here will be completely facual, though the thoughts and judgments may be just my own. I admit I am no great writer, neither am I very consistent at writing, but I will try to give my best here. I am also aware of the fact that life at FMS will be tough and rigorous and that I may not be able to post on a regular basis. Nevertheless, whatever the situation arisis, I will keep posting updates from my side.

Note- This blog is NOT about how to get into FMS[reminds you of Chetan Bhagat from FPS?]. Neither shall I be giving any tips about cracking the FMS entrance test. However feel free to contact me for any valid reason and I shall try to reply back.

My facebook id is Facebook

My other[primary] blog: Battles Are Forever - Am not shutting it down, but will be less active there.


Satwinder Singh,
FMS Delhi,
Class of 2013.

P.S.- I hope you are reading this, Neha Kapoor :P


Neha said...

Oh yes I am. And am looking forward to the blog :)

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