All right, acads and extra currics will continue. But friends last for a lifetime. And as always i cannot resist from doing a character cum behavorial analysis of some interesting people I have met in FMS so far. I shall only be writing about a few in this post, and about those with whom I have interacted with multiple times. I would request everyone to take this post in a light spirit. Here I Begin.

1) Shashank Prabhu- The Doc Mod. The sole doctor of our batchmate, and was my room-mate for about one month. Quite an optimistic person, decent motivator and loves inspiring others. Doesn't really like studying much[who does :P], but is involved in many things. Is definitely a big foodie and loves entertainment. Favorite pass time involves talking on the phone for hours at a stretch[okay, am exaggerating a bit over here :D]. Has many other qualities, but this is all for now.

2)Mayank Rajput- The Official Spammer of the 2013 MBA batch and one of the most chilled guys around. So chilled in fact that he doesnt think twice before dozing off in every single class[literally]. While most of us struggle to get 4-5 hours of rest, this guy manages some 9-10 hours of sleep daily, and still feels sleepy in class. Jokes apart, Mayank is a great buddy to hang out with. Always cheerful, smiling, caring about others, loves to hang out in groups. Of course he too doesnt like studying but still manages to do every task that is required. Plus like me, he is an anime cum manga fan, blogger, entrepreneur in waiting, etc etc. Keep rocking dude..\m/

3) Neha Kapoor- Dont know how to introduce her. Let me give a try. Sincere, hard working, cheerful, loves to interact with others, always enthusiastic about her work[can be anything]. She is definitely one person i can rely upon for anything. Especially when I myself am in a low mood and need some motivation [ :-/ ]. I may have even dropped out if it werent for her advice. She is definitely very focussed in what she wants to do. Though i wish that sometimes she would relax and not take things that seriously. :D

P.S.- Neha, you are still to write even one post.. x-(

4) Aastha Sharma- She is one cool dudette. Popular, witty, smart, and I can keep on adding one adjective after the other. She immediately gels with people and is incredibly helpful too. Ready to lead when required. There is no need for me to say that she will be a great manager/leader.

5) Tapish Panwar- one cool dude. You can call him hunk or stud or anything. He has 5 years of work experience yet looks as young as a fresher. He has a pretty decent personality, and always remains calm[I have yet to see him get angry even once]. He is also sincere is his work and definitely has the capacity to lead and do big. He just needs some more inspiration, thats it.

6) K.S. Preeti- Some people refer to her as the God of Ppts. Any ppt she makes is almost certain to win a prize or make a big mark. Apart from that, I feel that she is an absolute genius. Whether it be group tasks, or assignments, or even stuff such as quizzes, Preeti ji is always one step ahead. But the best part about her is that she is a great person to interact with. Incredibly helpful, ready to take any initiative and also quite caring. Such a blend of intelligence and magnanimity is rare in most persons. And she has been to Japan.. :-( :'( [jealous]

P.S.- You still havent given me the treat ;-(

7) Syed Ashraf Hussain- Arguably, one of the best speakers in our batch. And also amongst the most enthusiastic. Extremely passionate in whatever he does. Has a plethora of hobbies from reading urdu shayari to writing poems. Also has an extremely wide knowledge base. Once he starts speaking, it becomes hard for him to stop. :D An infosys person with decent work experience and a person who is very likely to become a top class manager in future.

8) Divya Gonnabathula- Perhaps the most sincere person in our class. Helps everyone starting from completing assignments, to study sessions to bus timings to everything. Divya G, as we like to call her is one heck of a person. You will feel confident every time you interact with her. It is the presence of such people in our batch that makes FMS feel what it is. All the best for the way ahead.

P.S.- Itni tareef ki, ab to treat banti hai.

And do not worry people, many more profiles yet to come. There are 220+ rocking people in our batch, each one having their own special characteristic. Lots of analysis left to do. ;-)