Yes, I know that I havent posted for quite some time, and I admit- I am guilty as charged. I am practically so tired[I think you can pretty well guess why] that I do not have time to write anything concrete. So will just give you updates in bullet points.

1) Induction is officially over. It lasted for 20 days, and was quite hectic but filled with fun activities. Seniors were quite helpful throughout. A few minor incidents here and there, but overall it was mostly a great experience.

2) We had our Induction party in a mall in Noida. Wont mention details here. Contact me personally if you want to know what happened. ;-)

3) Classes are mostly good. I havent really understood much of Finance or Managerial Economics but I have yet to start studying seriously.

4) I injured my leg and got a tetanus injection yesterday. The doctor[part time] was a beautiful girl about my age, who was also doing some course in DU. For once, I actually looked forward to getting an injection shot. :-)

5) Attended an interesting Guest Lecture yesterday. The speaker was a professor from Canada.

6) The campus here[South] is pretty good and big too. Loved exploring it during the Treasure hunt.

7) Have made quite a few good friends here. There are some amazing people both in my batch and the seniors batch too. :)

More updates later, right now I gotta sleep.


Okay the induction process is officially on its way, and its increasing pace with each passing minute. Judging by the fact that I am typing this at 2:53 am, I can safely say that I have learned to decrease my sleeping hours, the first step towards becoming a succesful manager.. ;-)

Jokes apart the last 48 hours have been fun. A bit hectic yes, but enjoyable nevertheless. Seniors have been quite helpful. To maintain the privacy of the Induction event, I shall not be saying what exactly happened but yes it was definitely something new for me. Hopefully I learned something too. :-)

Now its time for me to hit the sack, catch you all with another update later.

P.S.- Classes begin officially tomorrow :)

Accommodation and Induction

Am back with updates. I have taken accommodation in a flat near South campus along with Doc Mod Shashank. I shall be shifting there soon. Mayank has also taken a PG nearby. I expect other batchmates to follow suit.

Today was officially Day 1 of FMS, and the beginning of the 15 day Induction phase.

Basically as expected, the Dean, Chief Guest and other faculty members delivered lectures for the audience. Many seniors of the 2012 batch were present. It is worthy to mention the inauguration speech given by Professor Dhankar, dean of FMS. I found it very inspiring and motivating. To be brief, he stressed on the words- 'Go Beyond'- which means go beyond the rat race of just getting good grades and a good job. He advised us to learn as much as we can and take advantage of whatever DU has to offer. He also mentioned about getting rid of any limitations which we feel we have. Overall an excellent speech.

After that, we had an informal session with the seniors. I would not want to go into details here, in order to maintain the privacy of the students, but it was fun. We had the usual dancing, singing, acting part. Next was a mini lunch break after which the informal session was to continue.

I met many people for the first time, some of whom I had already interacted with online. To mention a few names, amongst my batchmates- Neha Kapoor, Kriti Sondhi, Ravi Manoram, Shivan Nair, Nikhil, Amandeep Singh, Ankur, etc. Of course some like Mayank, Prateek, Tapish, Abhirup etc I had met earlier. Amongst seniors, saw Manmeet Singh, Inderjeet Singh, Shakti Chittara, Arpan Srivastava, Nikhil the host, etc.

Now for the bad news. My maternal grandmother has been suffering from cancer for the past one month. The news came that her condition has severly deteriorated, hence my parents left instantly for Jamshedpur. This was a shocking and unexpected news. I had to leave instantly to take care of certain things. Hence I missed the second part of the induction. However I shall request my friends for further information and post it later.

Thinking of adding some of my friends as writers for this blog.